Food Education Workshops

This one always has participants gob smacked with the nonsense around food labeling.  I will show you some tips and tricks when navigating the supermarket and attempting to choose the best product available at the time.  One massive learning takeaway in this workshop but…

Cooking Workshops

A fun and interactive time together learning how to use a few base ingredients in seven different ways across the spectrum of daily meals.  This is the food hack’s guide to quick, easy and tasty meal preparation. This workshop is appropriate for an individual…

Fundamentals Workshop

This workshop has been used by corporate clients in the past for groups of up to 10.  Now delivered with movement influenced by Yoga, learning and practicing in a group allows for camaraderie, consistency and accountability to good technique.

Home Pantry Visit

This service is going to test you.  Are your serious about your health or do care more about the money you have spent on the poison in you cupboard?  Not for the faint-hearted as The Wonky Om home panty visit is going to challenge…

Restorative Yoga

Bolster hugging release. Practicing rest in supportive postures using props and learning how to be comfortable doing nothing more than opening tight joints.

Special Events

Occasions for us to come together to learn and play. Check for updates.